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Tennis war Deine Leidenschaft und Deine Seele wird hier weiterleben.

"Scott Steven Singles Tournament"

December 13th 2020

Scott's Seele lebt auf dem Tennisplatz weiter!

STEVEN, Scott Buckhurst:
born May 25, 1959 to Gil and Diana Steven passed away unexpectedly in Taupo on April 29, 2020. He is survived by his wife Steffi and children Edward, Matthew and Caroline. A wonderful brother to Suzanne and Bob, Robert and Wendy. A Canterbury native, Scott had a passion for traveling and making the most of life. Scott was an avid tennis player and shared his love of music with his wife Steffi. Scott and Steffi most recently shared 5 beautiful years in their motor home rolling around the North Island. A caring and inspiring husband, father and friend, Scott had a passion for living and creating life fully, transforming the lives of those around him. He will be greatly missed. Friends and family will be holding a private ceremony in remembrance of Scott.

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