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//  Genres:  Singer/Songwriter
//  Years Active:  1988- Present
//  Label:  Steven Music
//  Website:
Short Bio

Stefanie Steven is a german born "Travelling Philosopher", Sports Coach and a New Zealand Singer/Songwriter who is living and travelling with her husband Scott in a motorhome.


She has performed all over the world for many corporate companies over the last 25 years and decided in January 2017 to finally  write and record her own songs while travelling through New Zealand.

Her first album "Rolling Home" was released Nov 8, 2017 by Steven Music and is available on most big music platforms like i-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google, etc.

Having so much fun on the road and far more important time to think, and therefore philosophise, it was only a matter of time to have her second album ready for release this December 31st. 2018  

"Ahipara Time 2018" 

is the result of writing, recording and producing another album in the smallest studio with very little equipment. Stefanie says: "We are experiencing the world a lot differently than most people. It's also quite an achievement to record in the wild. If you listen closely you can hear birds or other animals in the background or rain and wind. And because it's part of this journey I have recorded some of those sounds and you can hear them clearly on track No. 7  "Marvelous Coffee Time" at the end of the song. Most songs are inspired from feelings of love, peace and happiness. And speaking of love I would like to thank my husband Scott who helped me create my music and is always supporting me with his best cooking, coffees and his patience to listen through all those songs over and over."


Stefanie had started her singing career in 1988 as a busker in Amsterdam. Her very first song that she sang was the song Roxanne by The Police. She was discovered by a radio jingles producer and it didn't take long that she had her nickname "The Voice"  given by her school. Soon after, she started singing in bands near her hometown Nettetal, Germany.


Sport has been another very important part of her life and inspired her to study sports at the University of Sport in Cologne, Germany, where she graduated with the degree "Diplom Sportlehrer", which translates to a "Masters in Sport Science" academic degree.


Sport and Music was the perfect combination for Stefanie, who was previously known as Steffi Kranz (maiden name). Inspired by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Stefanie arrived in New Zealand in 1998. She fell in love with the idea of living in New Zealand and decided to become a permanent resident. Ever since she has worked with some of the top musicians in the country.

Highlights have been the singing of the national anthem for Australia and NZ for an Aus v’s NZ Athletics sport event, broadcast on SKY Sport and TV One. And the performance at the ASB Classics tennis event, one of the first events for most professional tennis players to start their tour in January in Auckland, New Zealand.

But not everything in her life was pleasant as she broke her neck in the year 2003 in an accident falling with her neck on the corner of a swimming pool in Bali (Indonesia). It took a very long time to recover and she calls herself being the luckiest woman on the planet to still live and to be able to continue playing sport. Using all her knowledge on how the human brain works she not only recovered but started to play competitive tennis, with the result of winning the consolation round at the German National Championships in Bad Neuenahr 2014. 

And since January 2018 she is the national tennis champion (W50)  and ranking No.1 in New Zealand.

As "Travelling Philosopher" she keeps putting her thoughts down to music and one of her next projects will be writing a book. She has written her own bio in just a few words, saying:


"Born - School - Degree in Sport Science - Doing what I love (producing music and playing tennis) - Being happy with my choices in life - Being present in every moment and never stop asking questions - Living a life that I love with the best man on the planet as my friend, soulmate and husband, travelling in our 'Rolling Home' " 

Stefanie Steven December 2018


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